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What is an elopement?

An elopement is a unique and completely customizable experience for madly in love couples who want their wedding day just about them celebrating their love and not justify themselves to anybody. They seek an intimate, unforgettable, and emotional adventure that fits them perfectly and makes a hell of a story to their grandchildren.


Your new adventure buddy

Hey guys, this is me and my crazy dog Aimee. You can book her optional to your day 😉 JK. Nothing gives me more energy than being outdoors, taking long, adventurous walks with Aimee, soaking up the salty air at the sea or enjoying gorgeous mountain scapes in the Alps. Right now we are building our camper van to go on a gorgeous journey through europe.


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Elopement in Marrakech

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Intimate Wedding at a swan lake

Together with some other amazing vendors we created a beautiful inspiration for a beautiful intimate autumn wedding at a lake to show you what's possible nowadays.

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snowy engagement session

I'm not a big winter fan but I always start screaming like a little kid when it starts snowing. The first thing I do (when there's enough snow) is to run outside and doing snow angels in the fresh snow (and hitting my husband with a snowball afterward ;D).

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