My offer.

Memories I can create for you

I am so happy that you are interested in what I have to offer! I am so in love with your love story already because I know that it’s gonna be gorgeous. Let’s capture your story together and let me tell it to the world. ♥

Adventure sessions

Looking for something different? GREAT!! Let’s create something absolutely unique and unforgettable for you. When you spent some money in taking awesome pictures of you it should be an AMAZING experience, a huge date night or extraordinary adventure! I cannot wait to hear your story and plan your adventure sessions.


Starting at 800 €


Tired of „having to“ marry in THIS or THAT way? I GET YOU! Eloping with just the two of you or your closest family & friends (pets included!) and make it JUST about YOU TWO is absolutely gorgeous! Whether you hide in another country, hike a mountain, jump in the ocean after saying your vows … or what ever you want – I’M YOUR PARTNER IN CRIME!


Starting at 1800 €

Intimate Weddings

As you might know by now – I am all about doing your thing and make your day ABOUT YOU and YOUR LOVE – that is what matters. That’s also the reason why I don’t accept weddings 60+ anymore. I’m all about capturing pure emotions, real moments and a connection with your family and friends on such a deep level that is not possible with too many guests. Count me in on your wedding weekend so I can capture your relationships and stories the way they deserve to be told!



Starting at 3200 €

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